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Doctors Behaving Badly: Georgia ob/gyn made his office a singles bar

Doctors Behaving Badly: Georgia ob/gyn made his office a singles bar

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Kevin Jermaine Edmonds, a young ob/gyn with a brand new practice, presumably would have better luck than most trying to impress a woman he has met at a bar.

But why bother leaving the office at all when your calendar is full of women undressing and telling you the most intimate details of their lives?

Doctor-patient relationships are barred by state law and by long established medical ethics. In part, these relationships are discouraged because they can cloud a physician's judgment and potentially lead to patient harm.

Within about a year of Edmonds earning his license to practice medicine in Georgia, the ob/gyn started dating a patient referred to by the Georgia Composite Board of Medical Examiners as "C.G." He began "mentoring" her, the board wrote, "regarding her studies and career path." And, in case she wasn't certain that he was interested in her, he also sent her sexually graphic text messages.

He had a sexual relationship with the patient for about 16 months, the board wrote.

With the next woman, "L.R.", Edmonds told the board that this wasn't anything like his relationship with C.G. No. This time, he and the woman had sex first. Then he started seeing her as a patient. After a month of mixing both business and pleasure, they broke up.

Which brings us to "L.L." in January 2008. The board doesn't say how long she and the doctor dated or whether they were still dating when the board finally caught Edmonds.

Three patients in less than three years. And what was Edmonds' punishment?

In May 2008, his license was suspended for 30 days. He was required to seek therapy. He was prevented from examining patients in a closed room without a chaperone present. Two years after the suspension, in May 2010, the board extended these license restrictions for at least three years.

There is nothing specific in the board's order banning dirty text messages.

Final question: How did the board gather its evidence against Edmonds? Everything in the board's publicly available documents seems based on something Edmonds said. Did board investigators interview the three women involved? Did they interview any other patients? Did they review anyone's charts? Did they talk with staff? Relying solely on the doctor's version of events would undoubtedly skew the picture of what really is happening and whether Edmonds had done any lasting damage as a result.


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I am a patient now and i was just informed by his office he will no longer be seeing patients due to lost credentials.

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Not true. He still has a license, and in fact, should be re opening his own practice, in Charles County, within the next few days.

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I'm very disappointed in finding this article rather late. I delivered in Oct. 2010 and it wasn't until after the delivery of my baby that I had major regrets of even considering Dr. Edmonds.  Dr. Edmonds left me in labor at the hospital and went home to be with his family. To make a long story short, my baby was delivered with not one Dr. present. The placenta remained inside of me for atleast 30 minutes before his arrival. In the meantime, I'm losing a lot of blood and all I could do was pray and trust that my life was in God's hands because I was left there with only Registered Nurses.  I couldn't understand how this even happened. I was very skeptical about delivering at South Fulton, and I have to say that I regret delivering at that hospital as well.  I kept telling him that he'd miss the delivery. I felt this in my heart because he was too lackadaisical during my prenatal appointments and when he came and did his initial rounds at the hospital when I was in labor.  The care received from him in the hospital was very minimal--not even a fundus check or homans sign check. I just thank God that I didn't have any major complications and that me and my baby was covered by His blood.  Needless to say that I haven't been back to his practice since I delivered.

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Dr. Edmonds delivered my baby in April 2008 and throughout my prenatal care Dr. Edmonds was exceptional.  If any of this story is true I don't see why a professional  the licensed Dr would leave without having an assistant to deliver.  I don't see how all these woman can place him under a bus.  You could have changed doctors long before it was time to deliver if you felt in your heart that he wasn't right for you.  That is always your choice.  What he did in his personal life does not reflect the fact that he was and will always be an exceptional doctor.

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Wow, this is a shock.  I started with Dr. Edmonds from the beginning and he is and will always be an exceptional doctor to me.  I don't understand why woman get involve with men that are married and get mad when they don't get what they won't.  There should always be an understanding when a relationship of this nature begin.  No strings attached has always been the number one rule.  Whoever turned him in should be ashamed to take this man's license for a booty call.   He still has kids to feed. I hope this story get overturned and he get his life back.

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Dr. Edmonds is an excellent doctor. He's not the first dr to have relationships with patients. He was informed and challenged me to take better care of my health. He kept you updated on illnesses and the stats. I liked him because he was not afraid to address real issues affecting women. I will continue to be his patient. The women saw a very attractive man and a DOCTOR.

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When I moved to the campcreek area and discovered I was pregnantI decided to look for an ob-gyn closer to the area. As a healthcare provider I chose Dr. Edmonds office. I was glad to see young African-American successful professionals servicing the community. After becoming a patient , l was seen by the physician assistant for the most part. I had gotten ill around 6 months i nto my pregnancy and was sent to Crawford Long I was told that another physician was treating me that day and Dr. Edmonds was not operating out of that hospital w/o explanation. I was later told from his office 3 weeks before delivery that he was delivering at South Fulton and repairs were being made to Crawford Long I was skeptical of the situation and hospital as a whole. Scheduled a tour for a Monday however had my son on Thursday before the tour. It was horrible. No pic were taken (told people didn't pay) asked for lactation nurse (RNs asking what do I need) and no circumsicion for my son at hospital (had to be done at doctors office/ public unaware of lawsuit at SFMC of boy's severed penis-tip later revealed in AJC in 2009). Spoke w/ director of hospital and Dr. Edmonds office about hospital. Later had to get a recircumsion by a pediatric urologist because it was incomplete by Dr. Edmonds. I would have had better respect if there was honesty in service. His personal life was brought into his workplace trickling down to his patients care. This was my first child. As I found out later this situation was at the climax of the investigation and hearing. No patient deserves that.

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Dr Edmonds is a good doctor. He was always there when i needed him when i was in pain during my pregnant. I don't know why woman want to break up a happy home. I was very sad when he told us he was leaving. He deliver my baby giril in April of 2011.

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Dr. Edmonds is an excellent doctor . I've been a patient of his since he began practicing. I've had several surgeries And never any problems or complications. I also went to his wife for my dental care. I find it absurdly that these people complaining about his service didn't just go to another Obgyn. Women would come to his office half naked.. Trying to flirt with him . He is an excellent doctor . .. One of the Best!

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If you would read the report it doesnt take a genius to know that once he was finished with one others was lined up. Where is his responsibility in that? His wife is a beautiful Christian lady. When you withhold pertinent information from patients affecting your service until the last minute that is when it is wrong. I was lied too when I asked questions, my baby was born early before changes could be made. There are plenty of homewreckers seems like he openly accepted plenty as well.

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Where I was aware of some of the information reported in the article I can only speak on my experience which was GREAT. Dr. Edmonds bedside manners were great. He has cared for my female health for years. Actually, he saved my life. I had seen several OB/GYNs and was a regular at Grady and no one could tell me what was going on. I met him in a grocey store while purchasing lots of feminen products and I was in pain His approach was different, he was curious as to why I was purchasing so much.....needless to say after I snapped him up he mentioned he was a doctor and because practice was new he didn't have cards. The next day I found the office with no appointment I walked on and he was booked but he ordered the front desk admin to squeeze me in and the rest is history. He has always been professional and showed concern with my overall care. I am sorry for those that didn't experience what I experienced. I honestly can't ride this bandwangon because he cared for me he prayed for me and ordered me to pray for him before one of my many surgeries.

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I ended up infertile after Dr. Edmonds performed my myomectomy. I had severe scar tissue and a subsequent doctor told me that I was butchered and my uterus is now shaped like a banana. I do not recommend Dr. Edmonds to anyone requiring surgery.

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As you can see im up late and cant sleep. It seems like for the last two years i have suffered trauma after trauma but i must say i was very bothered with my visit with dr. Edmonds. I felt almost violated after my visit. I never went back. Its been bothering me for some time but i had my last child at the break of the pandemic and also been dealing with the killing of my children's father by the police , i just got lost in my responsibilities i imagine. Well something in my spirit forced me to goggle reviews on dr. Edmonds and i just started crying once seeing this article. I would really appreaciate talking to you about this and maybe seeking some direction in getting help.

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