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Enough with LeBron. Let's Talk About Health

Enough with LeBron. Let's Talk About Health

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Enough of LeBron James, already! Here's our daily round-up of health news and resources for your work and enjoyment.

Gaga Eyes: So-called "circle lenses" that make your eyes look manga-huge are gaining a following among women channeling their own Lady Gaga. But these over-the-counter, unregulated contact lenses pose a health risk, reports USA Today, following a recent story in the New York Times.

Health Reform: Kaiser Health News' Mary Agnes Carey and Andrew Villegas report on seven aspects of health reform that may have escaped your attention (and your story list).

West Nile Virus: Californians might be interested to know that half of the state's West Nile virus in birds has been found in Santa Clara County. Silicon Valley really doesn't need this.

Science Journalist Beaten: The Knight Science Journalism Tracker rounds up coverage of the sad tale of a muckraking Chinese science journalist who was beaten and nearly killed, ostensibly for his reporting on scientific charlatans and health scams.

Food Policy: Over at the Huffington Post, The Prevention Institute's Larry Cohen says soda taxes - and other health policies - aren't going away anytime soon, despite industry attempts to defeat them.

Bad Seed? ScienceBlogger Dr. Peter Lipson examines new accusations against Seed Media (still licking its wounds after the PepsiCo/ScienceBlogs debacle) of spiking a journalist's column on Bhopal because of the company's advertising negotiations with Dow Chemical. 

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