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Got Lead-Tainted Stuff? Journalists Will Test It For You

Got Lead-Tainted Stuff? Journalists Will Test It For You

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Here's what we're checking out today:

Lead: The investigative news startup California Watch, not content to merely report on harmful lead levels in children's jewelry, will actually test suspect items for you.

Nutrition: A new Institute of Medicine report critiques nutrition information on the front of packaged foods and recommends manufacturers highlight only four things: calories, saturated fat, trans fat and sodium. The Wall St. Journal's Katherine Hobson examines the report.

Chronic Fatigue: Back to the lab for scientists looking for the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome as new studies are unable to link the mysterious immune disease to a retrovirus previously hailed as a potential culprit, the Chicago Tribune's Trine Tsouderos reports.

Long Life: Hispanics are the longest-lived group in the United States, according to new CDC data, with the ethnic group living 80 years and seven months on average compared to 78 for whites and just under 73 for blacks, reports the AP's Mike Stobbe.

Beautiful: Not exactly health-related, but check out these gorgeous pictures from the Nikon Small World photomicrography competition.

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