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Growing School Garden Veggies They Can't Eat

Growing School Garden Veggies They Can't Eat

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Here's what we're checking out today:

Nutrition: Irony alert: Chicago public schoolchildren can't eat the healthy, organic produce they grow in their school gardens because of rules that commercial growers don't have to follow

Doctor Shortage: When it comes to the supply of doctors, Massachussetts' experience after its own statewide health reform isn't great – which could signal future nationwide shortages under national health reform.

Disabled: Georgia settles a landmark lawsuit decrying conditions in its state hospitals for the mentally and developmentally disabled, Richard Fausett reports for the Los Angeles Times. Many people will be able to move out of locked state hospitals into the community.

Long Term Care: Medicare needs to overcome its "culture of hospitalization" for people in nursing homes if we're ever to bring down ever-rising long term care costs, BNET's Ken Terry argues.

Patient Safety: A new study of 74 Veterans Affairs hospitals finds that using surgical checklists (Correct body part? Correct instruments?) saves lives, the AP's Lindsey Tanner reports.

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