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For Halloween: Condoms, Not Candy

For Halloween: Condoms, Not Candy

Picture of Barbara Feder Ostrov

Here's what we're checking out today:

Condoms: Should condoms be given to teens instead of candy on Halloween? One Oregon family did, sparking a statewide debate.

Health Reform: Guesting on Ezra Klein's Washington Post blog, Suzy Khimm of Mother Jones examines what insurers are looking for from the new GOP-controlled Congress.

Tobacco: Wyoming's "rodeo culture" might be one reason why the state's rate of chewing tobacco use is the highest in the nation. It gets worse – "thousands" of children in Indonesia may be addicted to smoking.

Ban: Michigan bans Four Loko and similar high-caffeine, alcoholic "energy drinks" that have been linked to deaths and injuries among students.

Lung Cancer: Gary Schwitzer of Health News Review evaluates media coverage of this week's big lung cancer screening study.

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