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Hyping a 10-person Weight-Loss Study?

Hyping a 10-person Weight-Loss Study?

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Here's what we're reading today:

Weight Loss: Can someone please explain why a weight-loss/sleep study with only 10 participants is getting so much press? Kudos to's Rachel Howell Stockton for highlighting the limitations of the study while other media coverage hyperventilated.

Health Reform: Doctors and hospitals worry that their new accountable care organizations under health reform could run afoul of anti-trust and anti-fraud laws. The Washington Post/Kaiser Health News' Jenny Gold and Phil Galewitz have the story.

Diabetes: Air pollution, long blamed for exacerbating asthma and other health problems, now has been linked to increased rates of diabetes, reports Janet Raloff of Science News.

Brain Stall: Rachel Zimmerman of WBUR's Common Health blog reports on a new study showing a higher prevalence of mild cognitive impairment in men, a finding that's surprising since Alzheimer's disease affects women more than men.

Lung Cancer: A much-delayed government study probing possible links between diesel exhaust and lung cancer in miners is set to be published this fall – but only after lobbyists for a mining industry group pre-review the draft, according to Public Integrity's Jim Morris and Chris Hamby.

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