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Joplin Hospital: ER Doctor Revisits Tornado's Toll

Joplin Hospital: ER Doctor Revisits Tornado's Toll

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Joplin ER:

An emergency room doctor from Joplin, Mo., vividly describes the chaos as a tornado ripped through his hospital last month.  

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Superbug: The unprecedented and deadly E. coli outbreak in Europe doesn't pose much of a threat for U.S. residents, JoNel Aleccia reports for

Busted: The inventor of the controversial cold treatment Zicam, Charles B. Hensley, has been arrested for illegally selling another drug during the avian flu scare in 2005, Stuart Pfeifer reports for the Los Angeles Times.

Senior Health: Seniors are increasingly getting their buzz on as they quaff caffeine-laced energy drinks, surprising marketers, Valerie Bauerlein reports for The Wall St. Journal.

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