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Looking at local pot doctors

Looking at local pot doctors

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Got restrictions on your medical board license? A couple of arrests in your past keeping you from landing a good-paying medical job? If you're an MD in California, you might want to consider opening a marijuana clinic.

Sunday in the Record Searchlight, I explored the growing number of these lucrative new medical business models popping up in Redding and the doctors behind the town's three cannabis clinics.

Critics say California's vague medical marijuana laws open the door to unscrupulous doctors looking to make easy cash handing out "'scrips" to whomever wants one.

The financial incentives are certainly there.

If a doctor sees 30 patients a day at a minimum of $150 a patient, that's $4,500 per day, or more than $1 million a doctor can make in a normal working year.

Read the mainbar here.

The sider, which explores how other medical marijuana states are handling the proliferation of cannabis doctors, can be read here.

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