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Measles, Other Kid Diseases Surge as Parents Forgo Vaccinations

Measles, Other Kid Diseases Surge as Parents Forgo Vaccinations

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Children's Health:

Childhood diseases like measles are making a comeback as more parents refuse or delay vaccinations for their children, Liz Szabo reports for USA Today.

Healing Arts: Doctors and artists gather for a Northwestern University conference on how comics can be used in medical education and patient care, James Warren writes for the Chicago News Cooperative.

Medicare: The $500-billion-a-year federal health program is launching a high tech screening system like the one used by credit card companies to deter fraud, Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar reports for the Associated Press.

Cancer: While lung cancer remains the most fatal cancer for both American men and women, lung cancer death rates among women are falling after a decades-long rise, Julie Steenhuysen reports for Reuters

Hospital Care: Once seen as a luxury for patients, new private hospital rooms at a West Virginia hospital have helped lower medical errors and patient falls and infections, Eric Eyre reports for the Charleston Gazette.

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