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Mini-Med Health Plans: Are They Really That Evil?

Mini-Med Health Plans: Are They Really That Evil?

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Here's what we're checking out today:

Mini-Med Plans: David Williams of the Health Business Blog offers a provocative rationale for why controversial "mini-med" insurance offered by McDonald's and other companies to low-wage workers aren't such a bad idea after all.

MRI Baby: A woman in Berlin is the first to give birth in an MRI scanner, helping scientists understand and treat problems when the baby has trouble moving through the birth canal. But who could hear the baby's first cry over all that MRI racket?

BPA: The hormone-disrupting chemical BPA has been found in trace amounts on $1 bills and some paper store receipts, but the jury is out on what that actually means for your health, Kelly Zito reports for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Children's Health: Children's hospitals are losing discounts on infrequently used, but critical, "orphan drugs" as an unintended result of health reform, Robert Pear reports in the New York Times.  

Health Reform: Some newly-elected Republican lawmakers are forgoing their federal health benefits as they attempt to repeal part or all of the new health reform law, Igor Volsky reports for the Wonk Room blog. But they won't be uninsured – unlike many Americans, they have back-up health insurance.


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