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Montel Williams: Medical Marijuana Impresario?

Montel Williams: Medical Marijuana Impresario?

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Medical Marijuana:

Seriously? Television host Montel Williams plans to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Sacramento, Miles Bennett-Smith reports for the Sacramento Bee.

Community Health: The New York Times' Stephanie Strom examines how the city of Louisville, Ky. is trying to help its mostly overweight residents slim down through urban planning, community gardens, bike paths and educational programs.  

Disabilities: An aging population of adults with autism and other disabilities faces an uncertain future as budget cuts threaten state social services, Karen Auge reports for the Denver Post.  

Sun Safety: After 30 years (!) in bureaucratic limbo, new FDA rules for sunscreen aim to ease consumers' confusion about SPF, ingredients and effectiveness.  

Alternative Medicine: Some doctors are taking a new look at alternative medicine despite the lack of scientific evidence that it works, David H. Freedman reports for the Atlantic.

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