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Nice Work (And Health Benefits) If You Can Get It

Nice Work (And Health Benefits) If You Can Get It

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Health Benefits: Many part-time elected officials in the San Francisco Bay Area get pricey, taxpayer-paid full-time health care benefits for themselves and sometimes their families, with some of the officials even double-dipping and receiving two policies from different jobs, Thomas Peele and Daniel Willis report for the Bay Area News Group.

Health Insurance: Writing for The Health Care Blog, Lisa Drew examines why her New York zip code is a "black hole" for individual health insurance.

Brain Research: Think you've got an interesting brain and a colorful life story? The folks at University of California-San Diego might ask you to donate your brain (after you die, of course) for research, Elizabeth Lopatto reports for Bloomberg News.

Solo Practice: In Maryland, an old-school family doctor nearing retirement finds he can't sell his solo practice – or even give it away, Gardiner Harris reports for the New York Times.

Electronic Health Records: Some doctors are so stymied by time-consuming electronic medical record systems that they're hiring tag-along scribes to follow them as they make their hospital rounds, Stacey Burling reports for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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