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Radiation Worries: From the TSA to the Dentist's Chair

Radiation Worries: From the TSA to the Dentist's Chair

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Here's what we're checking out today:

Radiation Worries: As if you didn't have enough to worry about with all the controversy over whole-body airport security scanners, the New York Times' Walt Bogdanich and Jo Craven McGinty examine possible radiation risks for children and teens in the wake of lucrative dental diagnostic technologies both old and new.

New Heart: Chicago Sun Times reporter Lacy Banks, who suffers from congestive heart failure, writes vividly about his now hopefully short wait for a new heart. He's at the front of the line for a heart transplant.

Get Up and Move: New York Times health columnist Jane Brody profiles the work of UCLA professor Dr. Toni Yancey, who urges adults to take short-but-enjoyable exercise breaks throughout the day – kind of like grown-up recess. Both are advisory board members of the California Endowment Health Journalism Fellowships.

HIV Hope? The Los Angeles Times' Thomas H. Maugh II examines a new study showing that the HIV/AIDS drug Truvada can prevent infection among a group of people at high risk of becoming infected with the AIDS virus.

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