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Sarah Palin Criticized for Mocking Michelle Obama on Breastfeeding

Sarah Palin Criticized for Mocking Michelle Obama on Breastfeeding

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Here's the latest in health and health journalism news from Reporting on Health.

Breastfeeding: Sarah Palin mocks Michelle Obama's support for breastfeeding and gets mocked in turn.

Community Health: The Boston Globe's Akilah Johnson profiles HealthLeads, a nonprofit group working in Boston's and other hospitals nationally "to help low-income families tackle the environmental and social issues that contribute to their health problems."

Medicare: A hospital chain in rural Northern California reports a suspiciously high rate of malnutrition in its elderly patients and California Watch raises the question: is the chain doing that to get more Medicare dollars?

Uninsured: The Modesto Bee and the California HealthCare Foundation Center for Health Reporting team up to report a compelling series on the newly uninsured in Central California.

Obesity: Why we can't lose the weight we want (cue cheers from nutritionists and dieticians).

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[...] that Barack and Michelle Obama can do nothing right. Palin has lodged an attack on everything from Breastfeeding  to encouraging healthy eating.  In her zeal to attack Obama, she has shown herself to be [...]

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