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Show Me The Money: Why Some Hospitals Turn Away Mentally Ill Children

Show Me The Money: Why Some Hospitals Turn Away Mentally Ill Children

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Here's what we're checking out today:

Heart Health: More American adults are taking medication to lower their blood pressure, but the number of Americans with hypertension is holding steady, according to new CDC data, reports the AP's Mike Stobbe.

Mental Illness: In a classic outrage story, Kay Lazar of the Boston Globe reports on why some Mass. hospitals are refusing to treat mentally ill children. Apparently, they can't make enough money on them.

Cancer: Not the news many are hoping for: new, experimental cancer drugs  offer hope to patients but often do more harm than good, a new study shows. Frederik Joelving of Reuters Health has the story.

Nutrition and Obesity: New research from food policy experts and agricultural economists scrutinizes how well obesity prevention and food assistance programs are really working.

Osteopaths: Forbes business blogger Steven Salzberg examines the differences between osteopaths and M.D.'s. Which would you rather go to?

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