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A Social Media Furor Over A Dying Baby's Care

A Social Media Furor Over A Dying Baby's Care

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Here's the latest in health and health journalism news from Reporting on Health.

Prison Health: Despite a law that allows parole for "medically incapacitated" prisoners, California taxpayers are paying $50 million this year for their care, Jack Dolan reports for the Los Angeles Times.

Social Media: A Canadian hospital goes on an unusual social media offensive over a dying baby's care in a case that raises patient privacy and right-to-life concerns, Carly Weeks reports for the Globe and Mail.

Drug Safety: The FDA is pulling some 500 unapproved cold and cough medications off the market because they've never been proven safe and effective, Rob Stein reports for the Washington Post. Here's the list of medications targeted in the crackdown.

Supplements: The Chicago Tribune's Trine Tsouderos takes aim at BioRay, a California company that markets suspect health supplements with some troubling side effects.

Rapper, M.D.: A Philadelphia medical student is really, really excited about becoming a doctor in her Nicky Minaj-channeling rap video. What's more impressive is that she got her professors to cameo.

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