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A Sweeping New Definition of Alzheimer's Disease For Earlier Diagnosis, Treatment

A Sweeping New Definition of Alzheimer's Disease For Earlier Diagnosis, Treatment

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Alzheimer's Disease:

A sweeping redefinition of Alzheimer's disease released today may pave the way for earlier diagnosis and better treatment, Pam Belluck reports for the New York Times.

Health Reform: Los Angeles Times columnist David Lazarus examines the plight of a couple with one preexisting condition who are being "steered" into worse insurance policies that will raise their costs but make their insurer more profit.

Insurance: California's insurance commissioner has accused major health care provider Sutter Health of fraudulently charging insurers millions over the past 10 years for anesthesia services that in some cases weren't even provided, Erin Allday reports for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Infant Mortality: The Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel's Mark Johnson and Tia Ghose examine the complexities of African American infant mortality and premature birth in their deeply reported "Empty Cradles" series.  

Sedentary Life: Writing in the New York Times magazine, James Vlahos offers context for new research linking long hours of sitting to higher death rates. In other words, get up off your chair and move around – a lot.

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