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Toxic Hair Treatments and Medicaid Woes

Toxic Hair Treatments and Medicaid Woes

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Here's what we're reading today:

Obesity: The Jenny Craig diet might actually work long-term, new research suggests.

Toxic Blowout?: The popular (and expensive) hair-straightening treatment known as the Brazilian blowout can contain dangerous levels of formaldehyde, and Canadian health authorities recently warned consumers about it, reports.

Breast Cancer: Black women are less likely to get the recommended care for invasive breast cancer than white women, even when insurance and income differences are factored out, the Boston Globe's Elizabeth Cooney reports. Researchers are still trying to figure out why this racial disparity exists.

Urban Docs: The Baltimore Sun's Jonathan Pitts reports on a new "urban health" residency program for new doctors who learn about violence, nutrition and stress in addition to treating traditional illness.

Medicaid: Many more doctors may see cuts in their Medicaid reimbursements as federal stimulus dollars run out, American Medical News' Doug Trapp reports. What could this mean for access to health care in your community?

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