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What Celebrities are on Pharma's Payroll?

What Celebrities are on Pharma's Payroll?

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Here's what we're checking out at Reporting on Health today:

Health Reform: A federal judge in Florida strikes down a part of the new health reform law, while Ian Millhiser at Wonk Room points out that "lower courts routinely strike down landmark legislation before that law is eventually upheld" – as in the cases of minimum wage legislation, whites-only lunch counters and Social Security. Meanwhile, the Tea Party is having a field day.

Pharma: Total linkbait, but what a great idea for a story: 10 Celebrities on Big Pharma's Payroll, from Jim Edwards at BNET's Placebo Effect blog.

Heart Disease: One out of every three adult Americans has high cholesterol levels and many have trouble controlling that heart disease risk factor, according to new CDC data, reports Thomas H. Maugh II for the Los Angeles Times.

Biomonitoring: An editorial in Environmental Health Perspectives asks: in biomonitoring studies that find high levels of PBDEs and other potentially harmful chemicals in food or other products, should manufacturer and product name be made public? (We say yes, of course. The public can handle it.)

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