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What do you think about Storify?

What do you think about Storify?

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What is Storify? Good question! It's a new web product that announced its public beta this week, meant to help build stories conveniently pulling from social media sources such as Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Below is an example of a story I just created to give you a feel for what's possible. Seems like a very convenient way to aggregate sources from social media. What do you think?


[View the story "The Big Blue Test: people touched by diabetes come together" on Storify]


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I think Storify has potential for drawing together social media from a number of channels, but the challenges are how to find this on the Storify site - there appears to be no good search function, and I'm also concerned at the lack of Search Engine Optimization i.e. google may not see the content and "find" it. 

Another good example of how Storify can be used to tell a multimedia story can be seen on Pharma Strategy Blog where Sally Church uses it to describe the BATTLE lung cancer trial.

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Manny, I think Storify makes great visuals. And I know I love to create them -- it's a fun interface. Here's one I created at SXSW: When I work on them, though, I have to remind myself that I still need to craft a narrative -- even though it's not entirely with my own prose -- for the Storify to be engaging. You've done a really nice job showing the reach of your campaign here.


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