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What the Heck are Essential Benefits Under Health Reform?

What the Heck are Essential Benefits Under Health Reform?

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Here's what we're reading today:

Health Insurance: Ugh. A new Hewitt Associates report shows just how much our health premiums are expected to rise next year. The Los Angeles Times' Duke Helfand has the details.

Parkinson's Disease: Higher exposure to lead could lead to a tripling of risk for Parkinson's disease, according to a small study examined by Environmental Health News' Jennifer F. Nyland and Wendy Hessler.

Health Reform: Time's Kate Pickert has a great explainer defining "essential benefits" under the new health reform law.

Primary Care: HHS will dole out $320 million to improve primary care around the country, with most of the money going toward health workforce development. Will your community be getting any off that money?  

Global Health: The Mayo Clinic sets up a global network to improve health through social media.


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