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Whooping Cough: Should We Blame the Anti-Vaccine Movement?

Whooping Cough: Should We Blame the Anti-Vaccine Movement?

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Here's what we're reading today:

Fraud Investigation: Investigators are probing a Southern California hospital chain's suspiciously high level of serious infections among older patients, according to a report by CaliforniaWatch's Lance Williams and Christina Jewett. Could it be Medicare fraud?

Cord Blood: Andrea K. Walker of The Baltimore Sun examines the private vs. public cord blood banking debate as a new public cord blood bank opens at a local hospital.

Hospital Ratings: The Commonwealth Fund has released new patient safety and hospital data for hospitals in 9 states at – a good source for stories.

Anorexia: A new study suggests that bringing the family into therapy sessions with an anorexic teen is more effective than therapy for the teen alone, according to Consumer Reports' health blog. For some great advice for reporting on eating disorders, check out our tips from journalist and author Sheila Himmel.

Whooping Cough: In a provocative post, Forbes blogger Steven Salzberg blames the anti-vaccination movement for California's current pertussis epidemic. Is he right?

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