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Why Are Asthma Rates Rising While Pollution, Smoking Decline?

Why Are Asthma Rates Rising While Pollution, Smoking Decline?

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New CDC data shows that asthma rates continue to rise in the United States even as pollution wanes and fewer people smoke, Thomas H. Maugh II reports for the Los Angeles Times. One bright spot: the numbers of people dying from asthma is declining because of better treatment and diagnosis.

Latino Health: Leaders at a California forum on health risks to Latinos are most concerned about childhood obesity among Latino kids, David Gorn reports for California Healthline. A 2009 study of Latino boys aged 2-18 found 23 percent of them to be obese.

Health Reform: Betty Ann Bowser of PBS NewsHour decodes "accountable care organizations," a new and maybe-improved form of managed care that will take center stage in health reform's rollout.

Heart Health: Cutting back on salt can prevent heart disease, the conventional wisdom goes – but a new study of Europeans suggests that may not be the case, Genevra Pittman reports for Reuters Health.

Travelers' Health: Packing for a business trip? Bring a jump rope – and maybe some statins. New research suggests that frequent business travelers are more obese and less healthy than their less-traveling counterparts, Bryan Walsh reports for Time's Healthland blog.

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