Caitlin Buysse (Kandil)


I am a writer at LA times Community News. Previosuly, I was a reporter for the Bay State Banner, a black community-based newspaper in Boston. While I cover a wide range of topics from politics, to art, and race-relations, my primary interest is the politics of food.

I studied African American religion and Islam at Harvard Divinity School and Northwestern University, and have traveled through Sri Lanka, India, Japan, South Africa, Morocco, Turkey, and Egypt.


<p>A Dorchester shelter works to transition women and their families to permanent housing through job training and education assistance, and also works to develop other skills like parenting and nutrition. In addition, these women have the opportunity to work on an urban farm.</p>

<p>Despite those unhealthy calories, some fast food restaurants offer something rare in urban communities -- a clean and convenient place to hang out.</p>

<p>Healthy food is in short supply in communities of color</p>

<p>Diet of fruits and vegetables is ultimately cheaper, but Bostonians are hooked on fast, convenient food</p>

<p>As a National Health Journalism fellow, I will be examining the obstacles to healthy eating for low-income black families in Boston. Specifically, I will focus on the obstacles of food pricing, food access, and the “business of unhealthiness,” the web of market incentives that drive individuals towards unhealthy food choices. In addition, I will also examine the creative solutions local activists devise to overcome these barriers to a nutritious diet.</p>