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How to Apply - California Health Equity Impact Fund

Who is eligible to apply?

  • California-based professional journalists (including freelancers) or reporters from national outlets proposing a California-focused project. In the past, we have accepted reporters from media outlets ranging from those with large national outlets and small rural outlets and from outlets that serve both mainstream and ethnic communities. We look for commitment  to the reporting project, a passion for the topic, relevant skills and a health equity proposal that will serve local communities and families.  We embrace a broad view of health and believe that health doesn’t just happen at doctor’s offices and hospitals. Health is shaped by our environment and the systemic issues we confront in our schools, our neighborhoods and our communities. We strive to admit reporters whose vision reflects that understanding. 

We give preference to: 

  • Applicants who have a minimum of three years of professional journalism experience

  • Reporters pursuing collaborative projects between mainstream and ethnic news outlets


  • Reporting themes we support:

    • Health care policy and ongoing or proposed changes to the social safety net

    • The health of underserved communities

    • Health disparities, their causes and solutions

    • Poverty, education, environment, structural inequities or race/ethnicity and their influence on health and wellbeing

    • Health policy’s impact on underserved or vulnerable populations, which could include people who are unhoused, living in low-income neighborhoods, rural areas, jails, prisons, foster or group homes or juvenile detention centers.

    • Community or domestic violence as a public health issue

How to Apply

Applications include:

  • Personal Statement and Project Proposal: A description of the project you’re pursuing for our Impact Fund. Consider these questions: What is your long-term goal for impact for this project? How would you like to see the community or policy benefit from this work? What makes this reporting new or important? (No more than 500 words)

  • Deliverables Statement: Number of stories you’ll be reporting, and tentative story themes or focus, including any multimedia elements you plan to incorporate (photos, video, audio, graphics, etc) (750-1,000 words)

  • Proposed Budget: Please specify the amount of the grant you are requesting and a rough breakdown of how you plan to use the funds. (Want examples? See our FAQ

  • Three samples of your most recent work

  • Editor reference letter and completed Editor Checklist form 

  • Resume

Interested in applying? Click here to read our Frequently Asked Questions. To increase your prospects for being chosen, we recommend that you talk in advance with our outreach consultant. To set up an appointment, please fill out this quick form

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