Elizabeth Hsing-Huei Chou

Staff Writer

I'm a staff writer at Eastern Group Publications. We're a weekly English and Spanish language newspaper covering the eastern portion of Los Angeles.


<p>I'm a little confused by this <a href="… magazine story</a> on what is apparently a contradiction in nursing: there is a shortage of nurses at a time when there is a glut of nurses looking for a job.</p> <p>I can't figure out if the story is saying that there are many nurses out there needing jobs, but many are not willing to deal with the working conditions - four 10-hour work days a week, and having to deal with mind-numbing, bureaucratic paperwork.</p>

<p>I wanted to share a story I wrote about a local author who published a memoir on her struggles with bipolar disorder. I <a target="_blank" href="">interviewed her</a> about her book, "Bipolar Girl: My Psychotic Self," which is a frank and detailed account of what it was like growing up in a traditional Mexican-American family that did not possess a "manual" for how to handle her illness, and her own struggle to accept her illness.