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Forgotten Voices: Health nutrition

Fellowship Story Showcase

Forgotten Voices: Health nutrition

Picture of Tracie Potts

One of Tracie Potts’ three L.A. County-focused stories documented an emerging trend in community health clinics: giving away food to families that sometimes don’t have enough to eat.  She visited the UMMA community clinic in South Los Angeles, which began offering a farmers’ market last September, to interview parents and children about their food access and choices.  Her reporting revealed that extras like the farmers’ market are likely to be scrapped if Congress turns Medicaid into a block grant program.  She also visited Eisner Health, whose doctors write “prescriptions” for healthy food and provide patients with up to $600 a year to purchase it. 

Other stories in the series include:

Forgotten Voices (Part 1)

NBC News
Monday, November 27, 2017

[This video was originally published by NBC News.]