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Merced's growing problem of obesity in life's stages

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Merced's growing problem of obesity in life's stages

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Mother's milk keeps kids lean
Merced Sun-Star
Thursday, June 17, 2010

Part 1

Jessie Coggin, a Merced mother of two, didn't know what was wrong when her newborn daughter, Sophia, wouldn't cooperate at feeding time.

Coggin was determined to breast-feed Sophia, but the baby girl wasn't drinking enough milk. And she'd get sick after feeding.

After she threw up, little Sophia would want more food, which began to take a toll on her mom's mind and body. "She was biting me. It was painful," Coggin said. "She would eat and get sick over and over again.  

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Merced Sun-Star - Emily Lindsey, a board certified lactation consultant and owner of Before and After Baby, holds Sophia Coggin. Lindsey helped Sophia's mother, Jessie Coggin, when she was having trouble breast-feeding Sophia. Since 2006, Lindsey has helped women overcome any number of issues with breast-feeding from soreness to problems to producing enough milk. She even identified medical problems with babies that kept them from properly feeding.