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Part 3: In their own words: Aracely Valencia

Fellowship Story Showcase

Part 3: In their own words: Aracely Valencia

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"Fixing our foster care crisis” was made possible through major funding from the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona and additional support from the University of Southern California Annenberg Center's Fund for Journalism on Child Well-being. 

Other stories in Part 3 of this series include:

In California, a data-driven 'life boat' for those transitioning out of foster care

How states can help children return to repaired families

Out of the system, young adults find themselves 'flooded with freedom'

Hard work of reunification often entails rehab, intensive home services

In their own words: Donald Jayne

In their own words: Alexei Ruiz

“I felt unwanted:” Tucson kids talk about hardships of foster care

From the Arizona Daily Star investigation: Fixing our foster care crisis Part 3, Reinvention series
Arizona Daily Star
Friday, March 16, 2018

[This story was originally published by the Arizona Daily Star.]