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Picture of Botnaru Petru

One of the most stringent problems of the Moldovan society at the moment, especially of the rural society is the absence of the access to information or limited access to the public information. While the price of subscriptions to periodicals is very high for the majority of the village people, and the Radio and TV are at the disposal of the power, the population from the rural regions stays uninformed about different fields of general interest. And this way they the rural people can be easily manipulated by those who have the monopoly on the informational market.
The right to information is fundamental, and limiting it, or even enclosing it, is an infraction of the human rights. Even if it is not declared by the official institutions, this is the situation of the absolute majority of the rural localities from Republic of Moldova. But in a society that is not informed, the public authorities can easily camouflage the inactivates or even the anti popular actions in the most cases.
Editing some special supplements to the "Adev?rul" (Truth) publication, the topics of which will be fundamental rights and freedoms of the human. The ways of benefiting of these rights will be highlighted; we will assure the public participation at the decision-making process; the third sector strengthening, rural women life, civic education, ethnic and political harmony – all these will be issues for the "Adev?rul".

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Thursday, July 2, 2009