I am a health educator and stroke survivor.  As I watched the healthcare debates in recent years, I was disallusioned by the lack of understanding the general public had regarding the challenges many people face as they attempt to access healthcare.  I perceived that the public really didn't understand the struggles that other people experienced such as the uninsured, the small business owner, part-time workers and the working poor.  Furthermore, after the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, I was frustrated with the lack of knowledge the public had regarding its provisions.  I found a need for a health writer to draw a clear and human picture of this issue.


Therefore, to combat the media noise and political rhetoric regarding this issue and better understand the provisions in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, 2010, I  began a blog called "Health on the Horizon".  The blog documents my travels around my home state of Pennsylvania where I feature a person, group or institution each week in order to analyze the issue and apply provisions of the new law.  I post each Friday and my journey began in the summer of 2011 and will end August 31, 2012.  





<p>While walking down the street in the spring of late 1980’s Billy found a senior citizen crying on her porch.&nbsp; When he approached her to find out why she was so upset, she explained, “my television is broken and it will cost $25 to fix.”&nbsp; To many people this may not be a cause of such great sadness, but to a senior living alone on a fixed income, her only source of companionship was now gone. &nbsp;</p>

<p>Each week I post a story from around the state of Pennsylvania to see how the new healthcare law (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) will impact them. Check out this week's story about Linda, "The Healthcare Serf".</p>