James Salwitz

Oncologist, Blogger

I am a medical oncologist. My goal to to teach medical students and patients some of the lessons I have gained from 30 years of the practice. To this end, I lecture in the community,  teach at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and blog on Sunrise Rounds.


The medical equivalents of U-Haul, Home Depot and rental rug shampooers, self service operating rooms have been the subject of debate and excitement.

What if you could take one pill and live 10 years longer? What if that pill also made you bald? What if the pill made you bald and nauseous? What if that one pill made you bald, nauseous, dizzy, impotent, and blind?  Would you take that pill? 

Today would have been easier if I did not give a damn. Easier if suffering was not real. Much easier, if I did not care. ...