Jan Mannino


Anesthesia is my passion.  As a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), I have experienced first hand the clinical, educational, economic and political environment surrounding the practice of anesthesia.  There is no study, no journal article, no legal ruling, no law or regulation that replaces the personal experience of a practitioner who lives it every day.

I have personally been involved in the amazing anesthesia revolution from open drop ether, through long hospitalizations, from women screaming with labor pains, from changes in surgery that could not have happened without modern anesthesia to amazing and life saving monitoring techniques. 

The back story of the profession, the science, the legal component, the education and the politics is one that the public should know.  I have been involved in all of it and have a true story to tell.


<p>Behind the operating room doors, anesthesia is the probably the only profession where there are two licensed providers, with different educational backgrounds, who can perform exactly the same functions.</p>