Ngoc Nguyen

Environmental Health Editor

Ngoc Nguyen is environmental health editor at New America Media. She completed a 10-month reporting fellowship at the Sacramento Bee through the Metcalf Institute for Marine and Environmental Reporting. In 2008, she won The California Endowment Health Journalism fellowship.

Nguyen was previously editor of NHA Magazine, a national bilingual Vietnamese American publication. She also worked as a healthcare journalist for and, and was an assistant producer at Marketplace, the radio program about business and global economics distributed by American Public Media.


<p>California's long-running campaign to reduce air pollution has indirectly helped create a new problem: its oil refineries now produce more greenhouse gas emissions than refineries anywhere else in the country.</p>

<p>In some of California’s top strawberry-growing counties, levels of banned methyl bromide — a chemical known to cause reproductive harm — remain nearly as high as they were a decade ago, despite a mandated phaseout in 2005. Concentration remains nearly as high as in 1999, resulting in trea

<p>Cheap doesn't necessarily mean safe when it comes to powerful cleaning products. New America Media environmental editor Ngoc Nguyen reports on efforts by environmental justice advocates to educate low-income consumers about how to stay healthy while keeping clean.</p>

<p>When Esther Gress walks down the aisles at the grocery or drug store, she surveys the wall of cleaning products critically: disinfectant sprays, bottles of bleach, the all-purpose stuff. The 34-year-old, who has cleaned homes for a living for the past five years, used to use toxic chemicals on the job. Now, she bypasses these products for cleaners she mixes up herself.</p>