2011: Baby Boomers Overrun Medicare

Published on
January 3, 2011

Happy New Year, everyone! Here's what we're checking out today.

Health Reform: Amid promises from newly powerful Republicans to dismantle health reform legislation passed last year, some popular new provisions took effect Jan. 1. Here's a round-up from the Christian Science Monitor's Linda Feldmann.

Medicare: Baby Boomers are set to enroll in Medicare at an alarming rate of 7,000 people per day in 2011, Christian Nordqvist reports for Medical News Today. If you were born after 1964, Medicare may be in shreds by the time you need it.

Predictions: SeeFirst blogger Evan Falchuk offers his absolutely-gonna-happen predictions about health care in 2011. Among them: "A doctor will get sued by offering medical advice to a patient online."

Retractions: The Retraction Watch blog lists its most popular posts of 2010 and has a few wishes for 2011, including, obvs, better publicity for retractions.

Puffery: In the last of our year-end reviews, Gary Schwitzer of Health News Review assesses a year's worth of health PR puffery sent to journalists.