Avandia a "zombie shell" of its former self?

Published on
September 24, 2010

Here's what we're reading today:

Avandia: Fortune's Shelly Dubois analyzes why the FDA "maimed" the diabetes drug Avandia but didn't permanently pull it off the market, as its European Union counterpart did. Quote of the day: "Avandia lives on in these United States as a zombie shell of its former top blockbuster self."

Hospital Layoffs: The Wall St. Journal's Justin Scheck provides the backstory on labor negotiations at one Northern California hospital and elevates his article into an examination of the financial health of nonprofit hospitals.

Obesity: America now holds the dubious distinction of having the fattest kids of any country.

Health Reform: HealthNewsReview's Gary Schwitzer calls out some media coverage of the new preventive care benefits under health reform for being inaccurate or incomplete.  Here's a wrap-up of new health reform coverage from ReportingonHealth members.

Health Disparities: The San Francisco Chronicle's Victoria Colliver reports on a new "report card" that tracks health disparities among city residents.