Cancer Activists to Johnson & Johnson: Lose the Chemicals from Baby Shampoo

Published on
November 1, 2011

Children's Health: An environmental health coalition is taking aim at Johnson & Johnson's classic baby shampoo, saying the company is balking at removing two potentially cancer-causing ingredients, dioxane and quaternium, in the United States even though it sells versions without them internationally, the Associated Press reports.

Asthma: Children in California's polluted Central Valley agricultural region have high rates of asthma, but families don't know when to keep them inside because of ineffective local pollution alerts, Sasha Khokha reports for KQED's California Report.

Attention Deficit Drugs: Good news for the many kids taking attention deficit disorder drugs like Ritalin: research on 1.2 million children and young adults suggests that the drugs are not linked to serious heart problems as previously believed, Jennifer Corbett Dooren reports for the Wall St. Journal.

Aging Well: Writing for the New York Times, Laurie Tarkan profiles small homes for the aged that are part of "a quiet but intriguing movement to deinstitutionalize nursing home care."

Retail Health Insurance: Nonprofit insurer Blue Shield of California is opening a bricks and mortar retail store in a San Francisco supermarket to sell insurance, help current policyholders and offer wellness screenings, Mark J. Miller reports for BrandChannel. There are few other stories like this around the nation, but this will be the first in California.

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Photo credit: Ernst Vikne via Flickr