The Constant, Costly, Vigilance Against Hospital Acquired Infections

Published on
June 4, 2012

MRSA, germs, hospital acquired infection

Hospital Infections: An illustration of the extreme measures one hospital has embraced in its effort to stop the spread of germs, by Laura Landro for the Wall Street Journal.

Health Reform: Blue Shield and Blue Cross will pay $51 million back to subscribers in California to comply with Obamacare, reports Chad Terhune for the Los Angeles Times. Health plans are expected to return $1.3 billion nationwide, reports Martha Bebinger for WBUR.

Obesity: Disney is issuing new advertising guidelines for businesses promoting food during its child-focused programming. Disney will also begin serving healthier food at its theme parks, reports Brooks Barnes for the New York Times.

Environmental Justice: An in-depth profile of Richmond, Calif., provides insights into how environmental injustice happens. It's by Jane Kay and Cheryl Katz, writing for Environmental Health News.

Politics: Congressional Republicans plan to bring Obamacare back into the national spotlight with several votes on medical taxes, reports Molly Hooper for The Hill.

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Photo credit: Simon Goldenberg via Flickr