The Daily Briefing: Medical Research: Peer Review by Twitter?

Published on
January 27, 2011

Here's what Reporting on Health's Daily Briefing is checking out today:

Peer Review: "Blogs and tweets are ripping papers apart within days of publication, leaving researchers unsure how to react," writes Apoorva Mandavilli in NatureNews. 

Health Reform: So all those pay-for-performance goals for doctors in the new health reform law may not save much money after all, according to a new Harvard study covered by Reuters' Kate Kelland. Plus, in a bit of good news, a new report from Booz Allen suggests that private insurers aren't, as feared, going to evaporate when (if?) health reform rolls out nationwide.

Not-So-Long-Life: Those dismal life expectancies for Americans compared to people in other nations can be blamed in large part on decades of high smoking rates, Salynn Boyles writes for WebMD Health News.

Obesity: This viral video shows what can happen when you make it fun to exercise.[video:]