Denver Post: Whatever Happened to that FDA E. Coli Investigation?

Published on
April 16, 2012

E. coli, food safety, FDA, reporting on health, health journalismFood Safety: A 2009 FDA probe into E. coli-tainted greens in six states quietly has been allowed to go dormant, prompting harsh criticism from state health officials, Michael Booth reports for the Denver Post.

Environmental Health: A leading school bus company operating in 30 states has been fined $90,000 by the EPA for allowing school buses to idle for hours near school playgrounds before picking children up. The resulting diesel exhaust is harmful to school kids' health, Josh Kovner reports for the Hartford Courant.

End-of-Life Care: In a sign that end-of-life care remains controversial, palliative physicians in a new survey report  that family members and even other health professionals refer to painkillers and other end-of-life treatments as murder, euthanasia and killing, Kevin B. O'Reilly reports for American Medical News.

Sports Medicine: Basketball star Kobe Bryant's injured knee has improved dramatically with "biologics" treatment, a new area of medicine that's seen "an explosion of interest," Jonah Lehrer reports for Grantland.

Mental Health: Efforts to improve care at California's mental hospitals have largely failed as assaults rise and the patients' confinements grow ever longer, Lee Romney and John Hoeffel report for the Los Angeles times.

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Photo credit: Anthony D'Onofrio via Flickr