End-of-Life Care: Why Don't Doctors Die Like Everyone Else?

Published on
December 6, 2011

end of life care, hcg diet, reporting on healthEnd-of-Life: Doctors don't die like the rest of us, often preferring quality of life to invasive medical interventions, writes Ken Murray, a professor of family medicine at the University of Southern California, for Zocalo Public Square

Hormone Replacement Therapy: A jury has awarded $72.6 million in damages to three women who said they got breast cancer after taking the Pfizer drug Prempro for menopause symptoms, Jef Feeley, Chris Yasiejko and Phil Milford report for Bloomberg News. Prempro was linked to higher risk of breast cancer and stroke in the massive Women's Health Initiative study. A number of Prempro lawsuits are still pending against Pfizer.

HCG: Remember the controversial HCG diet? Hormone-fueled products supporting the low-calorie diet are now being scrutinized by the FDA, Reuters reports.

Nurses: An influx of new – and young registered – nurses is easing worries that the current aging nurse workforce won't be adequate in future years, Anna Gorman reports for the Los Angeles Times.

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Photo credit: followtheseinstructions via Flickr