Health Reform: Must-Read Blogs

Published on
November 12, 2009

If you're trying to stay on top of the health reform debate and don't have time to scroll through thousands of Google News hits, here's a handy guide to some leading blogs that do it for you and offer great analysis to boot.

Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review:Bob Laszewski, a Washington, D.C.-area health care consultant and former insurance executive, dives deep into the policy and financial details of the various reform efforts. Check out this blistering review of the current health reform bills, coauthored with health policy biggies Brian Klepper, David Kibbe, and Alain Enthoven.

The Health Care Blog: Health 2.0 consultant Matthew Holt runs one of the most influential group health blogs out there. A must-read.

Ezra Klein: The Washington Post blog of superwonk Ezra Klein offers his insightful analysis of health reform from an economic policy perspective.

The Treatment: Jonathan Cohn, the New Republic writer and author of "Sick," is one of the country's most knowledgeable health policy journalists. A fan of single-payer reform, he nevertheless offers a balanced view of the policy and politics surrounding the current health reform debate.

Prescriptions: Written by New York Times reporters, this health reform blog offers breaking news and analysis of the various legislative proposals and arguments for and against them. A recent post dove deep into a Republican argument that other government-run health systems often do a worse job controlling cost growth than the United States' system and found it wanting.

The Alan Katz Health Care Reform Blog: Insurance executive, attorney and former politician Alan Katz provides an even-handed "insurance broker's viewpoint" on health reform and other health policy issues.

Doctor Pundit: From his Midwestern perch, geriatrician Dr. Michael Douglas, clinical director for long-term care services and care policy at the Minnesota State Forensic Hospital, writes knowledgeably about developments in Washington, DC. He even took a worthy stab at live-blogging the recent House vote on HR 3962.

Wright on Health: Health policy doctoral student D. Brad Wright covers all the health reform bases with an engaging writing style. It's serious stuff though: this week, Wright is starting a series of posts about how health care costs stack up in other countries.

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