Health Reform at the Supreme Court: The Individual Mandate

Published on
March 26, 2012

SCOTUS, supreme court, health reformHealth Reform: Today is the big day for oral arguments at the Supreme Court as lawyers hash out the individual mandate, Nina Totenberg reports for NPR. Here's a great set of resources from Kaiser Health News. If you need a primer on what happened yesterday, Dalia Lithwick, in Slate, did a nice job of putting the arcana in plain language

Poll: A survey assessing opinions, as the Justices hear arguments, shows that the majority of Americans don't like the individual mandate, and a full two-thirds think the court should overturn at least part of the law. But half the people questioned also admitted they really didn't understand how the reforms would affect them reported Dalia Sussman, Helene Cooper, and Kate Phillips for The New York Times.

Fracking: A new law would give Pennsylvania doctors information about the proprietary mix of chemicals used in fracking, but prevent them from talking about it, Kate Sheppard reports for Mother Jones.

Diabetes: Bariatric surgery seems to be effective in treating type 2 diabetes, Denise Grady reports in The New York Times.

Insurance Innovation: A few insurers are paying patients who opt for less pricey treatments, Michelle Andrews reports for Kaiser Health News.

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Photo credit: Evios via Flickr.