Medicare and the Fiscal Cliff: Trudy Lieberman's Tips For Your Coverage

Published on
November 28, 2012

As Congressional Democrats today dug in their heels against any cuts to Medicare in the ongoing fiscal cliff negotiations, it's worth taking a new look at veteran journalist Trudy Lieberman's previous posts for ReportingonHealth on covering Medicare.

As she wrote recently:

The public is confused. One Pennsylvania woman told me last week she didn’t know whom to believe. So learning how to untangle Medicare is important and worth the effort. While you may think Medicare is a national story, it isn’t exclusively the province of Beltway reporters. Like all healthcare, it’s local.

Check out her tips for your work here:

Covering Medicare before the election and beyond

Quality, Schmuality: Rating the (Medicare Plan) Stars

Medicare and the $500 Billion Bogeyman: Will a half-truth still work for the GOP?

An election post-mortem on Medicare coverage (via Columbia Journalism Review)

Medicare costs: Are electronic records the solution—or the problem?  (via Columbia Journalism Review)

Photo credit: DonkeyHotey via Flickr