New Community Health Laws On Tap For California?

Published on
April 26, 2011

Image removed.Community Health: David Gorn of California Healthline examines several legislative proposals that aim to improve community health in California via improving traffic safety and offering healthier food choices for government workers and in low-income communities.

Health Reform: The U.S. Supreme Court won't fast-track its hearing of Virginia's constitutional challenge to the federal health reform law, saying that the appellate court should have its say first, Brent Kendall reports for The Wall St. Journal.

Future Health: Money Magazine offers some predictions on health care changes consumers will see in the coming year, including more information about their doctors' performance and increased pressure on employees to stop smoking.

Primary Care: Even as studies show the need for primary care doctors is increasing, fewer medical students are interested in pursuing those careers instead of higher-paid specialties, Eryn Brown reports for the Los Angeles Times.

Hospital Care: Health care is noisier than ever, reports Julie Deardorff for the Chicago Tribune, with some troubling fallout for patients' recovery.

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Photo credit: Ashish Joy via Flickr