As Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Recovers, Attention Turns to Traumatic Brain Injuries

Published on
January 10, 2011

California Health: New Gov. Jerry Brown has just released his proposed budget, and health advocates expect deep cuts in health and social welfare programs.

Giffords: HealthDay's Amanda Gardner outlines the prognosis for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, shot in Arizona on Sat., and examines what can happen in other traumatic brain injury cases. This week's planned repeal vote on the health reform bill, which Giffords voted for, has been postponed.

Chicken Pox: Two doses of vaccine, not one, offer the best childhood protection against chicken pox, NPR reports.

Health Reform: Kansas Health Institute News Service's Phil Cauthon reports on how health reform-backed tax credits are prompting more small businesses to offer health insurance to employees.

Overtreatment: HealthBeat's Maggie Mahar examines (and praises) media coverage of waste and overtreatment in American medicine