Rick Perry's "Oops" Moment: The Science of Memory Lapses

Published on
November 10, 2011

rick perry, oops, memory lapse, debate, reporting on healthMemory: Rita Rubin examines the science of memory lapses for MSNBC's "The Body Odd" blog after Rick Perry's much-covered "oops" moment in last night's Republican presidential candidate debate.

Smoking: 1,200 stores in just 15 states broke federal, and in many cases, state laws by selling cigarettes to kids under 18, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Duff Wilson reports for the New York Times. The feds are stepping up enforcement to stop tobacco sales to minors.

Heart Health: A Central Calif. woman has received an artificial heart to keep her alive until she can get a human heart transplant, and she's one of the few artificial heart recipients in the nation who is well enough to be released from the hospital, Anna Gorman reports for the Los Angeles Times.

Trying to Quit: More than half of U.S. adults who smoke want to quit, but only about 6 percent succeed, according to new federal health data. About 45 million Americans still smoke, Julie Steenhuysen reports for Reuters.

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