RIP Elizabeth Taylor, and the World Googles "Congestive Heart Failure"

Published on
March 23, 2011

Image removed.Heart Disease: Interested in congestive heart failure after reading Elizabeth Taylor's obituary? The Los Angeles Times' Thomas H. Maugh II tells you everything you need to know.

Health Reform: As Americans mark the first anniversary of historic health reform legislation, California Watch's Christina Jewett reports on California's progress in implementing the law, as evaluated by one leading health advocacy group. More comprehensive coverage on the anniversary can be found at NPR and at Kaiser Health News. Plus, check out our health reform reporting tips for journalists.

Radiation: As Japan's worries over radiation-tainted food and water deepen, the FDA has banned imports of dairy products and produce from the region of the country where a nuclear plant is still in danger.  

Environmental Health: The chemical C8 may be linked to early menopause in women studied by West Virginia University researchers, a finding that bolsters the evidence that such chemicals can significantly disrupt the body's hormonal system.  

Exercise: Yet another reason to get off the couch today: people who exercise regularly apparently are less likely to die during sex, researchers report.

Photoillustration credit: Luiz Fernando / Sonia Maria via Flickr