RIP Steve Jobs: Apple CEO Had Rare, Slow-Growing Form of Pancreatic Cancer

Published on
October 6, 2011

steve jobs, pancreatic cancer, reporting on healthSteve Jobs: WebMD's Daniel J. DeNoon answers questions about the rare and slow-growing form of pancreatic cancer that led to the Apple CEO's Oct. 5 death. Alice Parks of Time offers a primer on pancreatic cancer.

Health Disparities: The nation's poorest people receive care from the worst hospitals, according to new research published in the journal Health Affairs. Most of those hospitals are in the South.

DES Legacy: New research suggests that children of mothers who took the now-discredited drug DES to prevent miscarriage may suffer from a host of health problems related to the drug, including breast cancer and infertility, Marilynn Marchione reports for the Associated Press.

Latino Health: Could the so-called immigrant paradox, in which immigrant Latinos in the United States are healthier and live longer than their U.S.-born counterparts, be due to lower smoking rates among Latinos?

Dental Health: As one Florida county votes to remove fluoride from its municipal water supply, consumers wonder whether the tooth-strengthening chemical is safe. Yes, in small doses, reports Wendy Koch for USA Today.

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