Sarah Palin Criticized for Mocking Michelle Obama on Breastfeeding

Published on
February 22, 2011

Here's the latest in health and health journalism news from Reporting on Health.

Breastfeeding: Sarah Palin mocks Michelle Obama's support for breastfeeding and gets mocked in turn.

Community Health: The Boston Globe's Akilah Johnson profiles HealthLeads, a nonprofit group working in Boston's and other hospitals nationally "to help low-income families tackle the environmental and social issues that contribute to their health problems."

Medicare: A hospital chain in rural Northern California reports a suspiciously high rate of malnutrition in its elderly patients and California Watch raises the question: is the chain doing that to get more Medicare dollars?

Uninsured: The Modesto Bee and the California HealthCare Foundation Center for Health Reporting team up to report a compelling series on the newly uninsured in Central California.

Obesity: Why we can't lose the weight we want (cue cheers from nutritionists and dieticians).


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